Atelier – Baśnie i legendy

“Atelier – Baśnie i legendy” / “Atelier – Fairy Tales and Legends”

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Szkolne i Pedagogiczne

In this project, I had a chance to illustrate quite a few fairy tales and legends. It was really fun to design elements that were used later as 3d paper models such as background elements and characters.

All the tales and legends from this project were read by polish actors, both on stage and in the interactive app included in the bundle.

Some of the illustrations:

characters and background elements / postaci i elementy tła

“The Ugly Duckling” / “Brzydkie Kaczątko”

“Thumbelina” / “Calineczka”

“The Fern Flower” / “Kwiat paproci”

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” / “Nowe szaty Cesarza”